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Not so much to tell, born in 1960 in Saarbrücken/Germany. Old now ;-))

Self employed as graphic designer, web-designer, typograph … since 30 years. Happy, that my idea of independance worked so well. Thanx to the customers who trusted me and my skills. 

Look at my work, it speaks for itself, but me heart hangs on playing guitar, being a musician – that is what I wanted to be from my teeny days. And after all these years I am. Played in a few bands, writing songs. Unfortunatly in the last decades of working so much there was no time to play in a band – but who knows!

Contact me:
Hermannstr 11a · D-66265 Heusweiler/Germany
+49 6806 8672049 ·


I'm teaching since 1993. At the beginning on Apple for the graphical industry or design studios.
In 1996 I got a call from the University of Arts in Saarbrücken, the HBK Saar >

Now I'm teaching my students in »Typo + Layout«. First we must learn to have a closer look to design elements and their function, esp. typographic elements. How they interact, how they fit, and so on. We are surrounded by designed stuff, but if you look closer, you see a lot of crap and not-so-well-designed stuff. I teach my students the difference between well and poor designed work. And that this is not a matter of using apps and tools. Its a profession, not a job. And it takes time, perhaps a lifetime process. 

Its in our brains, the creativity!

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Don't forget Asterix and Obelix (the most friendly guy on the planet). Think of their great hearts, friendship and wisdom! We need more gallic spirit in this world – more noblesse and invincibility.

Verba volant – scriptum manet:
Words fly away, the written/printed stays!
A good slogan for the viral century.