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Landkreis St. Wendel

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From the scratch

I pitched and I won. 

Designing the same signet for three institutions is not easy. The specifications were clear, the signs should only differ in the text, yet also show the sympathetic face of the region. And have a clear visual reference to the region!

»Landkreis St. Wendel« – for the administration
»Sankt Wendeler Land« – for the region and its touristic marketing
»Bostalsee Leisure Center« – for the technical administration of the Bostalsee leisure center

Later, a separate version was added for the Bostalsee Camping, but it was used rather rarely. 
With the help of the silhouette of the Schaumberg and the Lake Bostalsee, it was possible to create a  logo, which survived the years and now functions on the various products of the district's corporate design with the help of colored areas.
The district council was convinced and gave me its confidence. Thank you!