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Grafische Werkstatt

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We started 1994–95 helping each other if work increased – mostly in my case – and decided to start the »Grafische Werkstatt« as a parent company for our activities. Thomas Störmer, Stefan Grenner and Jörg Maubach. We shared rooms in Lebach, Saarland, Germany since then. Stefan left us around 1999 to start his own career as a illustrator. In 2003 we moved to Heusweiler to have more space.

The first pitch we won was about redesigning a magazin »Becker Turm« a well known mothly magazin that reached a lot of people in the region. Followed by a fews, most localy in our region.

Our friends and customers also liked our selfmade ChristmasCards very much. I often had the ideas late in the year, around 1th of december ;-) Often the ideas corresponded with important topics during thes years.

But we had good friends that supported us – the wellknown photographer Werner Richner, and our friends in printeries like Bernd Dörtzbach of the OD in Ottweiler. It was also a lot of fun, doing these pictures – as you see, sometimes the clothing was summer-like – and I catched me a cold periodicaly.