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Saarland Welcome Posters

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The pitch we won.

The welcome Posters on the main routes to Saarland should be replaced. The government wanted to include the public and published the work of 5 agencys in newspapers and television spots.

We won. 

Again, the task was not easy, we had to include their new logo, which was not sooo easy to handle. It had a black-to-blue color gradient with white typo inside – not easy to read from a distance. It carried small lines. Every idea to set this logo on a specific position in the layout failed. You could not read it because of the speed you have on a highway. It was to small, whatever. Besides that it had to carry the heraldic emblem fo Saarland, this had a bad proportion to the size of the logo.

So we decided to make the logo the main element ot the layout. we putted the typo and the emblem in one line, then the slogan and filled the rest of the area with easy-to-understand pictures. As you can see on these small example left it works very well from the distance.

The Prismenwender is a technical bilboard based on triangular rotating bars. Size is 3500mm to 2500mm. They carry 3 motivs, and time-controlled they show another motiv. So if you come in at 3pm you will see motiv 1, at 4pm you will see 2 and so on.

The public lioked it and I was in german television ZDF for an interview :-)