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From the very left to the very right

By far the work I loved the most. It corresponded deeply with my love to technical maps. I was fascinated from early highschool days with those detail maps in atlasses. Metroplan in Lutetia, tube map in Lundun ;-) – I'm connected on this topic forever.

Then I was asked to do some. They had only small extractions in b/w. See examples. If I could draw the whole route map for the company. »Yes I can!«

Remember, in 1994 there was no Goggle maps, there was no OpenStreetMap with access for anybody. I had to order printed maps of two german regions (means also two different governements) in a scale fo 1:50.000. Then I plugged them on the wall in my office, connected and overlapping. It tooked the wole wall, three meters in a row and nearly two meters high.

I can tell you, it needed some weeks to transfer all villages and city in a grid-system of 0°–45°–90°. And to draw the psoition of the villages in a +/- 2 kilometer radius to their real geographic position. What you see in nordwest, is located there in reality too. Adobe Illustrator was a strong tool to do such precise work.

The first look was b/w. A reminiscence to the times when printing in color was expensive and not trivial. After that a colored version followed, which at the end was completed with the local rivers and colors behing the districts. I also did extractions for 9 districts. They were used in brochures, timetables, local papers, ads etc.

As you can imagine, this whole drawing is alive! Every year you have modifications in the plan – periodicals are the best work a selfemployed designer can get!

I'm very proud on this maps and I owe them a lot.